Upcoming Webmaster Trainings

Request webmaster training.


All the microsites have the ability to send a newsletter.

Instructions for sending newsletter are now available.


We have many graphics that can be used on your district website. Click on the graphics tab.

Right-click and copy a graphic and then right-click and paste the graphic onto your district website.



Website Ideas

We can add these to your website to help you get started and then you can edit them.

Webmaster Instructions

BSA Style Guide   |   SHAC Style Guide   |    Log-in/Submit Content   

Content Editor   |   Hints   Cut, Copy, Paste  |   Find and Replace   |   Links   |   Buttons   |   Images     

Tables      Embedding Videos    |    Templates     |    Online Registration Forms and Surveys

Calendar (Event Calendar Pro)   |    Maps    |     Newsletter   |    Polls   |    Slide Shows


Instructions for the Event Calendar Pro can be found at https://communications.shacbsa.org/calendar.



There is now an easy way to add a link button.

After adding a link, click on the "Styles" button on the toolbar and you will now notice 3 object styles (Button - Green, Button - Gray, and Button - Gold).  It's probably best to stick with the green button.

Examples:      Register for Ten Commandments Hike       Scout Fair Leader's Guide       More


Photographers and Graphic Designers needed

The council is looking for photographers and graphic designers. If you would like to volunteer or have a recommendation, please contact Shane Burks.

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